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When The Internet Is Your Office And Store

Online businesses have become the norm even for enterprises that operate out of brick-and-mortar spaces. If you are doing business or are about to start a business, you cannot ignore the internet as a space where your business will function in one way or another. You may just plan to advertise online, or you may plan to sell products and services there. No matter how simple or complex your online presence and operations will be, you need both legal counsel and technological know-how. These services may come from within your company or they may be contracted with professionals outside of it.

At Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, we have a robust portfolio of technology-based business clients at all times. Each has a unique online presence. Our attorneys adapt their advice and services to meet clients’ priorities and expectations. They attended top-notch law schools and worked for prominent law firms in California before joining this Carlsbad-based firm. They know the ins and outs of cyberspace for businesses and the legal issues associated with it.

Issues To Understand For Your Cyber Business

Our lawyers will help you put the pieces in place, update your online business and/or resolve legal challenges including litigation that may come about. Below are topics we are ready to discuss with you:

  • How to protect the ownership of your domain name
  • How to keep track of, and protect, your vital trade secrets that may be vulnerable through your online presence
  • How to manage the interface between your online payment collection system and bank accounts that will receive the funds that customers send
  • How to articulate and implement solid policies related to data privacy and cybersecurity for your company as well as your customers
  • How to prevent and counteract ransomware attacks and improper system access
  • How to ensure regulatory compliance in California and in any other states where your customers may contact you online
  • How to make e-commerce work for you through social media as well as through conventional websites and search engine access

Maybe your company sells technological services and products, or maybe you connect with your customers through marketing other types of goods and services with technology. Whatever combination of tangible and digital vending your business uses, our attorneys can cover the legal aspects.

Request A Consultation With A Technology Law Attorney Serving Online Businesses

To reach our business and technology lawyers for online businesses, call our Carlsbad law office at 888-657-1083 or send an online inquiry. We are eager to hear about what you have in mind and to help you understand how to protect your internet-based business as well as your own potential liability.