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Appellate Law Firm In San Diego Focusing On Business And General Civil Litigation Appeals

When a civil court decision does not come out as hoped for and there is evidence legal mistakes were made, a litigant may have cause to appeal. It is no small task to appeal a court’s ruling, and there is no guarantee of results. However, this is an important option when legal mistakes have been made in the trial court. An appellant must know and follow all rules, including meeting deadlines for appealing a court’s decision.

To increase your likelihood of fair consideration of your or your business’s appeal in a California civil court, work with an experienced, dedicated and effective appellate lawyer. At Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, in Carlsbad, our appellate team is known for well-written briefs and frequent successes in California appellate courts.

About Your Appeal

Did a trial court issue a ruling that you believe is wrong and that causes great hardship for you or your business? You may have been ordered to pay more than you can afford to pay or do something that seems unfair and difficult to complete. In most cases, a court order will remain in place while the appeal is underway. This can take months or years. If justified, however, an appellant can ask a judge to issue a stay (postponement) on the court order for the duration of the appeal. If our attorneys appeal your court ruling, we will look for reasons to ask for a stay on that order.

Our appellate team handles appeals for a variety of clients throughout the greater San Diego area, including:

  • Individuals and businesses that we represented at trial
  • Individuals and businesses whose litigation was first handled by another law firm
  • Businesses with in-house counsel that cannot or chooses not to bring an appeal

Bring your inquiry about an appeal to the attention of our team at Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, and we will help you throughout the entire process of deciding to bring an appeal and then preparing it. If an appeal is filed, the appellate court will review the record of the trial court to determine whether the original trial included a legal mistake. For example, the trial court judge may have applied the wrong law to the facts of your case or neglected to consider evidence that should have been considered. An appeal is not a new trial, but rather, a review of a completed trial providing the opportunity for corrections.

Learn More About Appealing Your Business Or Real Estate Law-Related Trial Outcome

Our appellate attorneys will help you determine whether you have the right to appeal a court order and if you can do so within the allowed time frame.

To schedule a consultation, call 888-657-1083 or complete a brief inquiry form. Our appellate law attorneys are standing by ready to evaluate your potential appeal. We welcome attorney referrals as well as requests from parties to litigation.