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Carlsbad Attorneys Facilitating License Agreements

Once your company has a trademark or other proprietary feature licensed in your name, you may decide to let other parties use it for specific purposes, such as for marketing, promotions or the creation of merchandise decorated with that mark. How can you keep control of your trademark’s value and integrity? A licensing agreement is the preferred way for many businesses.

Our technology and business law teams at Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, assist clients throughout the greater San Diego area with the creation, negotiation and formalization of licensing agreements.

Points Of Concern Regarding Licenses

When you create a license agreement, you may want it to include explicit terms such as the following:

  • Exactly what is included in the license
  • How the trademark or other asset is to be used
  • Who is to be allowed to use the asset and for what purposes
  • How long the license agreement will be in effect
  • Where and when the trademark or other IP asset is to be displayed or vented
  • What the licenses is not allowed to do (such as changing the color of a trademark)
  • How legal issues such as ownership of the trademark during the licensed use are to be considered

The sample license agreement terms listed above may vary from one application to another, but they can serve as a starting place of conversation between you and your IP attorney.

What Type Of Technology, Product Or Trademark Do You Intend To License To Others?

Learn what a license agreement can and cannot do and how to enforce one if necessary. Get a case evaluation and discuss your aspirations with one or more of the technology law and IP law attorneys at Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP in Carlsbad. Our lawyers attended prestigious law schools and previously worked at top-notch law firms throughout California. Today, they focus their attention solely on our clients and their needs.

To schedule a consultation about license agreements or other technology or business issues, call Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, at 888-657-1083 or send an email inquiry. We are ready to assist you.