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Southern California Lawyers Helping To Resolve Business Disputes

Being involved in a business dispute is one of the most stressful things a business owner can go through. From fights between competitors to arguments between owners, much is riding on the outcome of these conflicts. Our business attorneys are ready to get to work.

Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, is a solid resource for Greater San Diego businesses facing disputes and litigation. From our offices in Carlsbad, we skillfully and devotedly serve business clients throughout the region.

Taking On The Stress Of Disputes To Protect Your Company’s Interests

When conflicts first emerge, they may be resolvable through well-timed negotiations when parties act quickly. However, sometimes opponents become combatants with perspectives so far apart that litigation becomes the only reasonable solution. Our trial lawyers help resolve business disputes at any stage or level of severity.

Are your business operations under threat because of a dispute within the business or with an entity outside the company? Our team is ready to act with dexterity to protect your business from any legal threat. Our team will devise the most effective strategies for resolving your business conflict such as the following:

  • An employment dispute involving one or more current or past employees who are ready to sue your company for alleged acts of discrimination, wage and hour violations or denied benefits.
  • A contract dispute between your business and another one, or between your business and a customer or supplier
  • A licensing dispute, perhaps involving a client using your company’s software or intellectual property without payment or in an unpermitted manner.
  •  A partnership dispute leading to litigation between business partners
  • A shareholder dispute between shareholders and your company’s owners or board of directors

When our attorneys advocate for you, they will do so in close collaboration with you, the client. We believe that you should have a voice in all key decisions in your case. We are committed to maintaining frequent communication with you as well as educating you on the legal issues that will directly impact your case outcome.

Meet With A Business Litigation Attorney

Our thorough understanding of business law, as well as civil litigation strategies, pays dividends for our clients. Our attorneys can move quickly and execute strategies customized to any business’s unique needs, challenges and circumstances.

Get your case underway as a plaintiff or defendant in a business dispute.  To schedule a consultation with one or more of our business law attorneys in Carlsbad, call 888-657-1083 or inquire online. We represent business owners and other clients involved in business disputes throughout Southern California.