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San Diego Area Attorneys Represent Property Owners, Buyers And Sellers In Title Disputes

Title disputes and litigation often come about when a property is about to be bought or sold. In connection with the buy-sell preparations, a title search may uncover problems that can impede the completion of the transaction. Other situations, such as the division of property in a divorce or business partition, may also reveal title defects.

Title insurance is an essential element in a large real estate transaction. When personnel at a title insurance company learn about a title defect, they may refuse to provide title insurance. A lawsuit known as a quiet title action then becomes necessary. A quiet title action is an essential form of civil litigation for an owner (possibly a potential seller). Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, provides legal solutions for property owners and sellers in the Greater San Diego area.

Resolve Your Title Dispute Or Litigation Case With Proven Litigators On Your Side

Often, the only way to fix a possible title defect that obscures rightful ownership of a property is to bring a quiet title action in court. At Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, our real estate litigators help pave the way for purchase and sale transactions for commercial properties through quiet title lawsuits or title litigation. Quiet title actions may be used to resolve problems such as:

Property line or border disputes: When owners or commercial tenants discover through a land survey that a neighbor’s structure is on their property, they may seek compensation and/or force the neighbor to remove an infringing structure.

An easement dispute: Owners of a property may seek permission for people using their property to cross over someone else’s property and encounter resistance. Uncertainty about access can result in a title defect because title insurers will refuse to insure the property until the dispute is resolved. Our civil litigators are ready to take your case involving similar complications that are impeding your ability to obtain title insurance for your property.

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The scenarios described above are just a few examples of the issues and circumstances that often lead to title disputes and litigation. Learn what it will take to resolve your dilemma so that you can enjoy or sell your commercial property without obstacles impeding the transaction.

Get the answers and solutions your company is looking for concerning your commercial prperty. To schedule a consultation, call 888-657-1083 or send an email inquiry. We are ready to evaluate your case and advise you on the next steps toward a successful resolution.