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Southern California Attorneys Advising On Business Formation And Organization

Starting a new business typically marks a key moment of opportunity. Founding a business is a pivotal development in the lives and careers of those who intend to apply their talents and bright ideas to the pursuit of growth, profit and legacies. Taking the right steps is essential for start-ups.

To ensure that you give your coming business a strong chance of flourishing, turn to our experienced business lawyers at Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, in Carlsbad.

How We Can Help Facilitate Your New Business’s Success

Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, has a strong reputation throughout the San Diego area in all types of business law matters, including:

  • Helping entrepreneurs and their start-ups to take the right steps at the start. A lawyer should be contacted from the earliest stages so that new business owners know how to make the most appropriate choices.
  • Deciding the right entity for the business. Having a knowledgeable business lawyer on board from the start helps you determine the right entity and organization for your particular enterprise. Putting the right entity type in place can affect risks, taxes, liability and other aspects of businesses.
  • Determining the relationship between owners. Get agreements about the relationships between partners in writing to prevent conflicts and litigation later.
  • Planning a business’s eventual exit strategy. Think about this now as you are planning and forming your new business/company. Planning carefully now will help you make wise choices at the start that can help guide your business’s trajectory far into the future.
  • Deciding and documenting primary agreements regarding shareholders, licenses, leases, employment, independent contractor agreements and more.

We are respected throughout the greater San Diego area for our professionalism, and our knowledge of the local business community. We understand how to apply the law to maximize opportunities and achievements through business formation and growth strategies.

Get Advice And Direction As You Start Or Plan To Expand A Business

For legal counsel while electing an entity type for your new business, consult with one or more of our Southern California business law attorneys. They will help you decide whether to start a partnership, corporation, limited liability company or type of business entity. Then, they will show you how to protect yourself legally through organizational transactions, policies and practices.

To schedule a consultation with one or more members of our business law team in Carlsbad, call 888-657-1083 or send an inquiry by email. We are ready to evaluate your needs and recommend the next courses of action.