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Legal Services For Companies On The Cutting Edge

Technology companies face a lot of unique challenges. Your business needs skilled, reliable attorneys protecting them.

The business attorneys at Dillon Miller Ahuja & Boss, LLP, counsel our technology-based clients to enable them to navigate the rapidly evolving federal and state laws related to online business. We understand the current legal landscape and the possible changes to the law and work to bridge the legal gaps that may be ahead of you.

The Major Struggles Facing Tech Companies

The combination of few established legal principles, inconsistent case law interpretation and the speed at which technology outpaces the law means you’re often in uncharted legal territory, especially in online business contexts. Primarily, many of the legal challenges you face may fall under the umbrella of intellectual property. We handle all forms of intellectual property matters, including:

  • Licensing of all types of businesses
  • Branding: promoting and protecting a product’s or business’s public image
  • Domain name disputes
  • Defamation and libel claims
  • Copyright and trademark protection and infringement
  • Content management with an eye on legal protections
  • Terms and conditions of contracts and agreements
  • Privacy matters, including nondisclosure agreements for employees and protection of sensitive data


The Stakes Are High; We’re Ready

Technology’s ability to transmit information and even build communities on a global scale makes prompt and vigorous attorney representation in this area invaluable. The absence of such legal advice is potentially devastating for those whose success will depend on the effectiveness of technological solutions to branding and more.

Your business is rapidly evolving, and you deserve to have an experienced, agile legal team on your side. Contact our office in Carlsbad for skilled, attentive lawyers ready to fight for your firm. We regularly work with clients throughout the Greater San Diego area. You can get a free consultation today by calling 888-657-1083 or sending us an email.